about asagi's

Located in the heart of Kalihi, we are a family-owned and operated business and have been proudly hatching chicken eggs since 1935. We supply chicks to families, farms, schools, fairs and chicken lovers throughout the state and the Pacific Islands.
Our staff takes pride in their work and that reflects in our customer service. We aim to provide our customers with healthy and happy chicks.
Asagi Hatchery originally began as Asagi Eggs and Poultry. It started out on Kalihi’s Puuhale Road, then moved to a small two-acre farm in what was once Damon Tract, a region of orchards and hog and chicken farms on the land that is now the industrial area that is and surrounds the Honolulu International Airport.
Mikio “Mike” Asagi started the farm in 1939 with the help of his wife Caroline, his mother, and brothers and sisters. They hatched, raised, and sold chicken and eggs directly to those who came to them.
Damon Tract was sold to a land developer and homes, farms, orchards, nurseries, even a vineyard were cleared for development of light industrial development surrounding the airport. Seeing the need for a local poultry supplier in Hawaii, he closed Asagi Eggs and Poultry, secured property in Kalihi, and built the hatchery.
In 1960, Asagi Hatchery, Inc. opened its doors and incubators on Kanakanui Street.
Almost fifty years later, here you are visiting us. As business from large farms sadly disappeared in past years, business from small farms and individuals slowly blossoms like flowers in the cracks of the sidewalk. We always had a small customer base of people raising just one or two chickens at home, but with the help of this website we realized there are many more people out there who are interested in raising chickens whether for their eggs or as pets.
This website has been a lifesaver for us and has in its own way become an opportunity to create community. We truly have great customers who love their chickens. Our customers are people who care about the environment and see the benefits of becoming more sustainable. They care about what they eat, where it comes from and how it effects the environment.
So this is where we are now find ourselves, stocking merchandise that promotes a better way of life, from natural pest control, a water neutralizer with no biproducts, things that people who raise chickens need, seeds, organic fertilizer, natural farm and garden remedies. This is just the beginning.
Our goal is to be a resource for localized food growing and community building. Over the years we have transformed many times as a business and as a family. We have seen the world transform as well. Perhaps our business is not as profitable as it once was, but we find it growing more rewarding and meaningful for us each day. We hatch chicks, we create access to practical products that are beneficial for the environment, and we have great customers.