We don't mind working on Mondays at the hatchery for one reason and one reason only: Mondays are the pick up days for people coming in for nineteen day old eggs (eggs that have been incubating for nineteen days) and will soon be hatching. In fact, most are already hatching. On a hot day like today, in Kalihi Kai, it was nearly 93 degrees and over the top humidity, so most of the eggs were already beginning to crack and we could hear faint peepings by ten this morning.Over the years, lots of people for all kinds of reasons have...

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Post Farm Fair Fun and Backyard Flock Supplies

Hey folks,Here are photos of our plant a seed booth and the chicks at the Hawaii Farm Bureau's annual Farm Fair.We had a lot of help caring for the chicks from the 4-H kids. They were a great bunch to hang around and talk with, lots of them grew up caring for animals on their family's farms.The chicks were mesmerizing and more than a dozen hatched in the incubator during the fair. Everytime I stood in the throng of folks watching the chicks go through the process of hatching from their eggs, I could hear all kinds of discussions happening...

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Welcome to our blog!

We'll keep posting information here that we come across and want to share.We're happy about the website. We thought it would be good to expand the site, since there have been a lot of folks finding us through the simple site we put up last year. The website and blog was built by the visual art and web talent in our family - web designers Jesi Asagi and Rob Dunn, and their independent firm Mascot Theory.At the moment we are getting ready for the Hawaii Farm Bureau's annual Farm Fair. It's taking place over the next few weeks on Oahu,...

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