Post Farm Fair Fun and Backyard Flock Supplies

Hey folks,
Here are photos of our plant a seed booth and the chicks at the Hawaii Farm Bureau's annual Farm Fair.
We had a lot of help caring for the chicks from the 4-H kids. They were a great bunch to hang around and talk with, lots of them grew up caring for animals on their family's farms.
The chicks were mesmerizing and more than a dozen hatched in the incubator during the fair. Everytime I stood in the throng of folks watching the chicks go through the process of hatching from their eggs, I could hear all kinds of discussions happening between kids and adults about what they were seeing, about the miracle of life, about how quickly all living things grow and come into being. Some people would stand there for close to an hour, watching and maybe even connecting with the struggle that each chick went through - how impossible it seemed that a living being could emerge from such a small seemingly stationary thing like an egg, how between the intervals of struggle and wait it grew strong enough to stand on its own, how it never gave up.
All of the chicks went to good homes at the end of the fair and we sent more than sixty newly planted seedlings nestled in half egg shells and filled with organic soil home with vegetable loving fair goers.
That was a few months ago. We've been pretty busy since then with a lot of interest from people on Oahu and the neighbor islands looking for chicks as additions to their families, starting small backyard flocks, and farms.
Due to popular demand we are now carrying feed - Chick Starter and Triple Duty. Both can act as main food supply for chicks in their first month. Triple Duty can be the main grain supplement for older chickens as well, though we recommend supplementing the diets of your chickens as much as possible with veggie and fruit. We sell them in two pound bags. If you ever need larger amounts, just give us a call.
We are also carrying water and grain feeders, as well as portable incubators.
Thank you again for visiting our website and our blog. We're devoting more time to keeping you updated here and will be posting more pictures as requested by some of you. Take care!

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