Chicken Names and a New Era of Fashion

My mom just told me that one of our regular customers came in today, he has 3 Rhode Island Red/White Leghorn hens.  While telling my mom how much he loves them, he mentioned their names:  Barbie, Teri and Ginger.  Pretty creative, cute and ironic all at the same time.

It gave us the idea to start a never ending list of the names of  chickens that have hatched at Asagi Hatchery.  It will be a new page on our website.  So please send in names of your chickens.  First and last names please.  If you are are up for it, you may also include their portraits. Email:

Speaking of which.  We remember how much you all like the chicken diaper YouTube posts.  So when another customer, Wes, emailed us this –

we knew you’d enjoy as much as we did:  chicken suit fashion show on Golzberg

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