Easter Peewee Eggs, a Hatchery Tradition

Hi folks,

It’s an Easter tradition here at Asagi Hatchery to bring in some of Roy Kaneshiro’s very seasonal peewee chicken eggs. Roy and his family own and operate KK Poultry Farm over in Waimanalo. They’ve been raising chicken since the 50’s. They are famous for making sure the islands have fresh island peewees during Easter.

In the egg world, peewees are the super small eggs, usually laid by very young chickens at the beginning of their egg laying careers. Small? Yup, very small. See the picture above? That’s a Peterson Upland Farm jumbo brown and a Kaneshiro peewee.

Why during Easter? As every competitive child knows, the smallest eggs are indeed the toughest. The secret weapon to a success in an egg fight.

They are also conveniently bite-sized.

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