Fruit Trees: Current availability as of 9/3/21

fruit trees

We sell an assortment of fruit and spice trees cultivated by the legendary nursery Plant It Hawaii on the big island.

Here is a list of the trees we have at the moment, but because inventory changes daily, please give us a call for current availability and prices if you are interested in purchasing a tree or to place a special order (deposit needed for special orders).

We are open for curbside business only, Monday - Friday 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.

Improved Meyer Lemon SOLD
Calamondin Lime (Calamansi)
Kaffir Lime
Tahitian Lime
Australian Finger Lime  SOLD
Golden Nugget Tangerine
Cara Cara Navel Orange
Washington Navel (Kaʻu)
Moro Blood Orange
Minneola Tangelo
Meiwa Kumquat SOLD

Tropical Specialty Fruits
Kahaluʻu Avocado
Maʻafala Breadfruit
Manoa Sweet Acerola
Lilikoi (Yellow, Purple, Orange)
Hayden Mango  SOLD
Mountain Apple (Red) SOLD


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