KITV: More chickens might be coming to your neighborhood soon

The ordinance passed its first vote -- the goal is food sustainability.

"I would say to sustain a family of five you should have at least 10 chickens because some of those aren't going to be laying all at the same time," said Chung.
The ordinance passed its first vote; the goal is food sustainability. The owner of Asagi Hatchery said the benefits of having chickens isn't just for the eggs.
"The chickens give you the manure to fertilize your garden, then your vegetable scraps can go to the chickens and then the egg is the bonus," said Maxie Asagi.
Jan Caneen, who came to buy two chicks, said she started buying chickens three years ago and is trying to get all of her friends to join in.
"The more people we have on board, the more self-sufficient everyone is and the more prepared they are in case something happens and we need our own food source," said Caneen.
The ordinance would also allow for one rooster -- something even chicken owners aren't sure about.
"In a residential area, it's absolutely not necessary. You can have an egg a day from a hen without a rooster," said Chung.
"From down the road we can hear's kind of irritating," said Lenora Carter.
The rules apply to chickens kept for personal use. The ordinance would also prohibit people from keeping peacocks. If this does pass, it will be during the summer.
Source: KITV Honolulu

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