Chickens in the News

We’ve been following the national backyard chicken movement pretty closely.

Every day at least two articles about backyard chicken keeping comes through the google news feed.  There have been uprisings and heated county debates over the last two years as citizens force local government to rethink their anti-agriculture policies.

Many chicken lovers and food lovers have found themselves in a fight for their right to keep a few chickens and reconnect with their own food growing instincts, regain control over their food sources and security, and begin to extricate from a dangerous dependence on global corporatized food.

Every once in a  while a real gem of an article comes through the feed.  One that captures the essence of the desires and fears of our times, as played out by the characters of Governing Body and Citizen.

Here’s a dispatch from Dan Brawner of The Mt. Vernon-Lisbon Sun, Iowa.

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