Hatchery and Country Store

Well, it's nearly official.  We're expanding the hatchery slowly into a country store.

Why?  Because it's fun and because there are so many people growing very ono and special things and we want to make sure as much people as possible have access to them.

We started off with carrying the freshest eggs in the world, from our friend Sharon Peterson Cheape's family farm, Peterson Upland, in Wahiawa.  Then we began bringing in dwarf fruit trees ready to plant from our friends on Hawai'i Island.

And now we are please to announce that you can find award-winning, whole bean coffee from Ka'u, on Hawai'i Island.  What makes Ka'u coffee so special that we made it a point to feature it at the hatchery?

Well, it's about supporting family farms.   Once you hear the story of Ka'u coffee, you'll know what we mean.

Ka'u, the most southern district of the most southern island, is also the most southern point in the United States.  It is huge, O'ahu could easily fit into it.  It used to be sugar cane land.  When C. Brewer closed down that plantation and mill, a lot of people lost employment, entire families who were second or even third generations working sugar.    It was hard, but an opportunity did spring up.  The plantation land became available and it was affordable.  Some of the families started to grow coffee, and it took, and so many coffee farms were born.  Not only did the coffee take, but the coffee coming out of Ka'u was more than anyone expected, it was extraordinary.

This is not only due to the land, of the terroir - the specific chemical make up of the soil and water and air, but also, a reflection of the immaculate care that the former sugar cane families put into their trees, choice of trees and beans.  Ka'u coffee is hand-picked, hand roasted in individual batches.  This has won them international cupping awards and acclaim.

Another extraordinary thing about Ka'u coffee is that many of the coffee growing families help eachother out and are working together to put Ka'u on the map as a place where excellence grows..

At the hatchery currently, we are working with a Ka'u CSA that is helping to market coffee by farmers who do not have the infrastructure or network to get their coffee out far.  We like helping out, so for now we'll be featuring the CSA's current farmer Mr. Manuel Marques.  Our next blog post will be a story about Mr. Marques and his farm.  So stay tuned.

This coffee is so incredibly smooth and flavorful, a real pleasure.

We're selling one pound bags of medium and dark roast whole beans for now.  We'll also do mail order if you are off -island and interested in trying.  Just let us know!


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