Ma`o Organic Farm Food Sovereignty Conference

One of our most favorite organizations, Ma`o Organic Farm, is organizing what will prove to be an incredible conference on food sovereignty over the weekend of June 12-13, 2009.

Here is a link to the schedule.

t is the first in a series of conferences with a focus on bringing youth together around these important issues, on several islands.

The conference is called ‘Āina Ho‘ōla o Ma‘ilikukahi and here is an excerpt from the Call to Action Narrative on the conference website:

"As evident by the global economic and climate crises, and in the socioeconomic conditions of our communities, there is a desperate need to take action in ensuring our island‘s movement towards self-sufficiency which calls upon ‘aina based action and kuleana based purpose. The ‘āina, as taught in the story of Hāloa, is that which feeds us, its younger sibling. The reciprocal responsibility then for kanaka is to return the favor. Here on O‘ahu, we have been overwhelmed with the pressures of a globalized food system that disconnects us from the ‘āina, maintains social and environmental injustice, and blocks our ability to feed ourselves. It is time for ‘āina reinvigoration and kanaka action."

We're just spreading the word. We thank Ma`o Organic Farm and the conference organizers for their leadership. If you can't make it to the conference but would like to support their efforts, they are a non-profit and you can support them via website with donation or help on their monthly service days.

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