Organic feed sale, new supplies and social media

Hi folks,

Hope everyone is enjoying the tail end of summer.  Here are a few updates for you.


We have an organic feed sale going on till we run out of stock – $30 for organic layer feed and $35 for organic starter feed.  These are fifty pound bags.  Sale lasts till we run out of stock.


We got Poultry Protector in.  It’s a big helper if you are unfortunate to be going through a mite problem ordeal.  Usually this only happens if your chickens are in contact a lot with wild birds.  Mites are not a natural fact of life for most chickens and should be treated.  It’s similar to lice on humans.  It can lower your bird’s immune system and affect their quality of life and egg production too.  Poultry Protector is a safe and natural spray for areas, house, bedding and on chickens themselves.  It gets rid of eggs, larvae and adult mites and lice.  Weekly use is recommended until problem is gone.  Also protecting your bird’s house and bedding from visitations by wild birds is a good way to prevent.

By popular demand we brought in a few automatic waterers too.

A small one: the Biddie Automatic Waterer that needs to be hooked up to a pressure reducer before connecting to your water source.  This can be a pretty helpful thing to have especially if you live in a drier area and during the scorching summer months.

Chickens need a LOT of water.  It’s amazing how much water a chicken will drink per day.  So if you are away at work and have not found a good water set up for yourself, you might want to think about something like this.

Here’s another one.

A larger trough set-up that can hook up directly to a garden hose. Longer so more chickens can take a drink at the same time.  Good for a flock. This one does not need to be hooked up to a water pressure gauge thingo.  Little more expensive though – because of the size.


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You know us, hardly have time to keep up this blog!  But we try 🙂

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