Araucanas Available Next Week

We're pretty excited. Our biggest hatch of heritage breeds ever is just around the corner and the eggs are looking good!
We're hatching a bunch of extra Araucanas in case anyone is interested. Everyone loves this particular breed, so we knew we had to bring in more.
Araucanas are famous for their beautiful blue-green eggs. Martha Stewart has been a stalwart fan of Araucanas and include them in her private flock.
Araucanas were always thought to have originated in breeds found in the Arauco Penninsula in south central Chile. Recent archeological findings however, have linked DNA of this breed to ancient chicken remains found in Polynesia, in particular, Tonga. This supports a theory that seafarers from the Polynesian nations had been visiting South and North America centuries before the Europeans' arrival, and that it was the Polynesians who brought chickens to the Americas.
It is pretty neat how this particular breed of chicken is turning out to play an important role in establishing this theory, a theory that could change how people view the civilizations and cultures of the nations of the Pacific.
As the view of a more progressive and proactive Polynesia gains wider acceptance in the western academic world, perhaps more attention will also be given to the traditional Polynesian arts of cultivating soil and ecosystem-based food growing, instead of plantation mono-cropping that has been superimposed on island climates and terrain.
But getting back to Aracaunas. They're really good foragers, can be very independent and hearty. They are known for their calm natures and can be friendly if hand-reared as chicks.
Their looks are pretty unusual too, with ear tuffs (giving some the Grandpa Addams look) and they are rumplessness, meaning no tail. They are, however, blessed with very distinguished coloring and a nice sturdy bearing. They are also reliable egg-layers. Yum. You can truly make green eggs and ham.
Give us a call or send an email if you are interested some Araucanas, the hatch is on Wednesday, March 4.
That will make them Piscean Araucanas.
Extra special.

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