The Miracle of Human Invention

Here at Asagi Hatchery we come across all kinds of genius at work in the poultry lovers community, and it never ceases to amaze. Chicken tractor designs, seed forage cakes, and now, chicken diapers. We first came across chicken diapers in a fascinating and informative post by Chickenmom on YouTube.

She's home-rearing two bantams, figured out just what she needed to do, and is sharing it. She gives a good instructional on making a diaper for your chicken in seven minutes. We don't know if it is the same woman, but there is a web site that tells you all about them and how to order. <a href=""></a> The website's Home Page comes right out and addresses the obvious to get it out of the way: "You are afraid your friends and relatives think you have a screw loose. Well, fear no more! You are in the company of a steadily growing number of people who have discovered the joys of birdy companionship outside AND inside your home. With so many of us, we can't all be wrong." The diapers are fitted to go around the middle of the body, with a pocket that goes over the backside. It doesn't restrict the movement of the chicken. The pocket design keeps mess away from feathers. Nice colors, even a rainbow print is available, for the diversity supportive. To order you send in the measurements of your chicken for a custom fit. Check it out if you are interested. If you've ever raised a chick, we'll bet you can't say that the thought of keeping it in the house never crossed your mind. Pretty hard to not to stand there and watch them for hours. And for at least a nanosecond wonder - why not? Ulisse Aldrovandi, the Italian 15th century lecturer, natural historian, orinthologist, creator of famous botanical gardens, and author of the most famous treatise on chickens, also had a special chicken. A brown hen that he raised and would let wander around his country house, and who would not go to sleep anywhere except near his books. We're not advocating depriving a chicken of the great outdoors, but there are some who actually might prefer being indoors. We also know of some injured fowl being cared for indoors. It's amazing how the internet is allowing for so much sharing, large and small. And chicken diapers may not be the cure for the ailing economy or the next big media event, but it could open up a possibility of a better life for another human being or chicken.</p>

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