Asagi Hatchery and Cameron D on KITV Morning Show

We were on the KITV morning show this morning, bringing Easter cheer to the already cheerful news studio of the very fun KITV gang. Thank you Janelle Shiraishi and Hawaii Department of Agriculture for inviting Asagi Hatchery to make an appearance on the "Buy Fresh, Buy Local" segment. Thank you also to KITV's morning show stars Dan and Yasmin and Moani. Also a very special thank you to Cameron Datanagan and his family for coming on the show too and sharing their heritage breed chickens.
Here is a clip of our spot in case you missed it:
We're lucky to have met such great people through a common love of chickens, Cameron is one of them. He's been raising pigeons for show for years and recently started raising heritage breed chickens for show as well. He's even set up a great social sharing website -- Hawaii Chicken Club
and he's also created a social network for pigeon raising and showing too
We've written about the backyard chicken movement, mainly focusing on its connection to the local food movement - a desire for and the growing necessity to have more control over where our food is coming from, growing it ourselves and supporting food growing in our own communities, especially the family farms. Now the situation with the economy is turning this movement into a very practical thing: seed sales are up and people in cities across the country are finding wisdom in having a garden and a backyard flock. A victory garden and a small flock of chickens helped many families through the days of rationing during World War II.
What Cameron and his Hawaii Chicken Club crew are adding to the conversation is the beauty of chickens and birds. The beauty and the diversity of chickens. The 4 H Club is also for the first time in a long time, adding a Show Chicken program to the Farm Fair line-up.
We hope to continue this conversation in the next weeks. Being on today's show really opened up a feeling that there is a lot to share.

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