Next Heritage Hatch Order - April 20th

Our order for the next heritage breeds hatch will go in on April 20th, so please email us if you are interested. These breeds are only available for hatching from January thru June, so we are nearing the end of 2009 heritage hatches. This might be second to the last.
We're going to try and order the following breeds, if you are interested, please let us know which breeds and how many and we'll get back to you. Prices will vary, anywhere from $4-9 per chick, depending on the rarity of the breed. Remember, these are straight-run and we won't know if the chicks you are getting will be males or females. If you are interested in just females, we're having hatches of Rhode Island Red/White Leghorns (great egg layers) on April 21 and 28.
Here is a list of heritage breeds that may be available by order:
Rhode Island Reds
Barred Plymouth
Buff Orpington
Golden Sex Link
Black Australorp
Silver Lace Wyandottes
Light Brahmas
Columbian Rock
White Crested Black Polish
Blue Polish
Mille Fleur
Blue Cochin
Barred Cochin
Golden Laced Cochin
Buff Cochin
Birchen Cochin
Partridge Cochin
Silver Seabright
Old English
Golden Sebright
White Silkie
Black Silkie
Black Spanish
Just let us know!
Thanks again for your support.

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