Happy New Year!

We hope everyone has safely landed into 2010 and finding it a nice place to be!

Here are some new developments at Asagi Hatchery:

It's that time of year again! This spring rings in our third heritage hatching season. Please email or phone your orders in by January 29 for the first hatch of the year. Aracaunas, Buff Orpington, Silver Lace Wyandotte, Mile Fleur, Brahma, Silkies, Cochins, Barred Plymouth Rock, White Crested Black Polish and more!

We're stocked with an array of dwarf fruit trees ready to plant (into yard or bucket for balcony urban mini-farms), conventional and organic chicken feed, incubators, books on chickens and homesteading, Asagi Hatchery T-shirts, Ant Pro (a not so toxic way to get rid of ants), EM (that wonderful soil and compost amendment), seeds (local and Seeds of Change), and other goodies.

We are also carrying very fresh white and brown eggs (by dozen or tray) from our friend, Peterson Upland Farm in Wahiawa. Call before coming for the eggs, they fly out as soon as they get in.

We'll be doing and carrying more great things this year, so please keep in touch by signing up on our email list. We'll be sending out announcements for upcoming hatches, new product, specials and other stuff we think you might be interested in.

Thank you again for your support all of these years.

We feel very fortunate to still be here and a part of our community. We feel so grateful to have such great customers. We love your stories too. So we will be putting up a gallery this year for all of us to share in the cuteness that is chicken, so please email your pics to us too (and please include names!).

Take care and see you soon!

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