Heritage Hatch, Fruit Trees, Honolulu Farmers Market, and New Things in the Works!

Sorry, we've missed a few posting dates over here.

Been pretty busy with another heritage hatch (a bunch of you probably got a phone call and now have some new chicks running around) and more fruit trees in.

The trees are all minimum of two years old, their roots protected in black plastic transportation sacks, ready to pick up and plant. We bring in a lot of dwarf trees because a lot of us live in urban areas and don't have a lot of room.

Here is a list of trees currently in stock:

Dwarf Calamondin Lime (when we ordered kalamansi trees they said this was it!)

Dward Kaffir Lime

Dwarf Clementine Tangerine

Dward Chandler Pommelo

Manoa Sweet Acerola

Sharwil Avocado

Golden Nugget Loquat

Murta Jabotica Mulberry

Red Mountain Apple

Kumquat Surinam Cherry

We've also been running around with our new work with Hawaii Farm Bureau, helping to manage a few of the farmers markets around town. We're busy with the new Honolulu Farmers' Market at the Blaisdell get on its feet, that is the one that happens every Wednesday, 4-7 p.m. We are also helping to grow the one at Mililani High School that is on Sundays, 8-11 a.m.

We view our work with the farmers markets as an extension of our family's efforts to help other families (most of the food growing farms in Hawaii are still family owned and operated) who are trying to keep the food growing systems in Hawaii alive.

We'll keep you posted on more developments in this area of our work, we are working to create more opportunities for community to become more involved in this effort, because we know its been on everyone's mind lately -- our food security, our food safety, and how it can be a way to fortify our local economy.

Take care and hope you are having a good start to a great summer.

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