Hawaii Backyard Chickens Facebook Group

Over the last few years, we've seen the interest in backyard chicken raising grow to a level we could call a movement, but what is more of a revival.
A lot of people coming back to the old-style, old-school, common sense idea of raising a few chickens in the backyard for a steady supply of fresh eggs. Eggs, organic weed and pest control, and plain old companionship and entertainment.
In a lot of folks we have met over these years we sense a real community or a connection that we feel is community. We've created a Facebook Group hoping that it could be space for this connection to grow stronger. We encourage you to connect, to share, and to know you are a part of something larger. Something that has to do with learning how to care for things, especially fun and feathery things. To share resources, info, stories, and especially pictures.
The Facebook group site called: Hawaii Backyard Chickens.
We'll be posting resources and blog entries from our website. Think about joining us there.
Thanks to our good friend Cameron D for inspiring us with his Pigeon and Hawaii Chickens show bird sites on ning, mentioned in one of our last posts.
P.S. -- We've extended our deadline for the next Heritage Hatch orders! You have until April 29 to get your orders in!

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