One of the Things We Love

is Sol-u-Guard Botanical.
It comes in a stylish green spray bottle, smells really great, and cleans up after cute but messy creatures – without leaving a toxic cloud.
Sol-u-Guard Botanical is part of the EcoSense line of Melaleuca.
They call it a botanical formula because it contains oils of thyme, clove, lemongrass. Thyme and clove have been used for centuries as disinfectants and fumigators – to combat the unwanted on both surfaces and in the air.
The company claims that this formula has been proven to kill over 99.9% of bacteria on nonporous surfaces. The label also lists that it is suitable for use in residential, commercial, medical applications, including health care and food prep facilities like hospitals and nursing homes, day cares, restaurants, and vets.
We’ve been using it for over six years in our own homes. Several of us are very sensitive to toxic cleaners and find this product friendly, as well as effective.
It's important to really disinfect well. But if you are constantly cleaning up after critters with a spray bottle, in your own home, you can end up with a situation more toxic than you know. If you feel the need to disinfect with a commercial cleaner, best to do that once a day, and let the place air out before letting your pets and family come back into the room. Small people and animals really get affected by certain chemicals in commercial cleaners.
Keeping this in mind, it is important to find cleaners that can be used more frequently without causing harm.
We’ve been carrying this one at the hatchery, because it is especially good for cleaning up after pets and leaves everything smelling like an herbal garden.
This post goes out especially to those with feathery housemates. You know who you are! Stay tuned for the next post when we explore the enterprise of chicken diapers.
If you have any other cleaning suggestions you might want to share, let us know!

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