Hawaii SEED Talk on Food Security with Jeffrey Smith

Our next post was going to be about chicken diapers, but something more important came up.
Hawaii SEED is sponsoring a state-wide tour with Jeffrey Smith, author of two very informative books on the health effects of GMO foods, "Seeds of Deception" and "Genetic Roulette." He is also the founder of Institute for Responsible Technology and works internationally to educate communities about regaining control of our food supply from agricultural biotech companies.
For more information about the talks and about Hawaii SEED, see their website:
Talks have been organized on all islands, upcoming ones are:
Feb. 17, YBA Hall, HIlo, 6 p.m.
Feb. 21, Dragonfly Ranch, Kona, 5 p.m. Potluck, 7 p.m.
Feb. 22, Waialua Community Association, O'ahu. 6-7:30 p.m.
Feb. 23, Church of the Crossroads, University Ave., O'ahu. 6-7:30 p.m.
To give you an idea of who is also a part of this movement, and this is definitely a movement, the O'ahu part of this tour is also sponsored by Down to Earth, Slow Food O'ahu, Hawaii Health Guide, 'Umeke Market, Kokua Hawai'i Foundation, Celestial Natural Foods, The Campaign for Healthy Eating in America.
In case you haven't had a chance to get to know Hawaii SEED...
Hawaii SEED has been on the frontline here in Hawaii, conducting research, educating, organizing the public and farmers about the realities of the genetically engineered. They have published, to our knowledge, the only book (a info-packed 70 page pamphlet, "Facing Hawaii's Future") that clearly and substantially communicates the disturbing history of GMO in Hawai'i. They have also protected the islands in ways that cannot be measured. They have helped local farmers protect their crops from bio-tech neighbors, worked with Native Hawaiians and taro farmers to protect taro from patents, helped save our local coffee industry by preventing GMO coffee crops from coming in.
They have been persistently posing the tough questions to a lot of people who are not used to being questioned at all. Questions about the logic of taking a risk whose consequences have the potential to be as deeply irreversible to our bodies and our planet, as perhaps nothing else we have faced as a species. Is it logical to risk at that magnitude for profit or proprietorship of knowledge? At the cost of the entirety of the unique eco-system of the Hawaiian islands?
Thank you Hawaii SEED for always asking the tough questions.

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