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We'll keep posting information here that we come across and want to share.
We're happy about the website. We thought it would be good to expand the site, since there have been a lot of folks finding us through the simple site we put up last year. The website and blog was built by the visual art and web talent in our family - web designers Jesi Asagi and Rob Dunn, and their independent firm Mascot Theory.
At the moment we are getting ready for the Hawaii Farm Bureau's annual Farm Fair. It's taking place over the next few weeks on Oahu, over at the Kapolei field on the west side of the island.
Every year, since the beginning of time, the hatchery has contributed a chick display in the 4-H farm animal tent. We bring over a portable incubator with large, warm shiny windows for kids who want to see an egg hatch. There are also chicks running around in a pen, next to the pigs, cows, goats, and other furred and feathered friends.
We'll be there in person on the weekends, Saturday and Sunday, July 21 & 22, then July 28 & 29, from noon to 2 p.m. With our interactive project - we're calling it "Hatch a Seed." We're supplying organic soil, a half egg shell, and a seed for planting. The idea is a little reminder of the nutrients in eggshells that are good for gardening.
This ties in with our growing efforts to support local food growing, sustainable farming in all sizes - including lanai or even kitchen counter gardens.
Stop by if you can for your portable little planter of an egg shell that you can bring home and grow.
Thanks again for stopping by.

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